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Greenkote —
longer wearing than other zinc-based coatings

A harder, longer wearing coating

Superior hardness is one of the important qualities that distinguish Greenkote® coatings and give them significant advantages over many other anti-corrosion metal coatings…

Greenkote is a harder coating for high-wear applicationsWith a surface hardness of HV 400–550, Greenkote is intrinsically a longer wearing coating than many other zinc-based coatings. In addition, Greenkote is diffused both onto and into the surface of the part. This harder coating produces a toughness and durability that are greater than galvanizing and other traditional zinc coatings. As a result, Greenkote is not easily scratched or abraded. Also, unlike hot-dip galvanized coatings, it will not peel or flake if the substrate is bent. Bottom line, Greenkote is a longer wearing coating  with greater hardness, higher performance and greater wear resistance.

For example, wear testing on striker wire loops with a competitive duplex coating showed wear and gouging after 5000 cycles — whereas parts coated with Greenkote plus e-coat barely showed any signs of wear after 10,000 cycles.

Because Greenkote is a harder coating, it gives longer service life, greater reliability, reduced replacement costs — and a generally superior user experience. This longer wearing coating is well suited to a broad range of products and applications in numerous industries.

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