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cost efficiencies in Greenkote processing and performance

The cost-efficient metal coating

Greenkote® is a cost-efficient metal coating because while it gives advanced metal protection and performance, it is also cost-competitive with older, less-effective processes such as galvanizing . And this is why…

Quick, clean processing = significant savings

Fundamental cost savings arise from the simplicity of Greenkote batch processing and the short cycle time — typically under four hours! Greenkote streamlines the overall manufacturing process and eliminates the need for certain processing steps that other coatings require. For example, unlike some competitive processes, Greenkote does not require acid etching of parts before coating or lubricating afterwards. And, likewise, when coating metal parts that are to be bonded to plastics or rubbers Greenkote eliminates the need for additional intermediate process steps. Greenkote’s anchor pattern naturally enhances the adhesion of top-coat layers.

The shorter cycle times also translate to reduced labor costs. Plus, Greenkote typically uses 90% less powder than regular diffusion coatings, not to mention, significantly less energy!

In addition, Greenkote’s eco-friendliness contributes to its anti-corrosion savings, since this process requires no waste treatment or hazard mitigation. The city water used in Greenkote’s final rinse is all recycled and reused. And without hazardous materials or waste, Greenkote eliminates all the costs associated with handling, managing and cleaning up toxic materials. It all combines to make Greenkote one very cost-efficient metal coating.

Economies in capital equipment

The equipment used for Greenkote processing represents a relatively small investment compared with many other coating technologies. And Greenkote equipment does not require a large amount of floor space. In addition, this process can leverage the utilization of cleaning and finishing equipment that coating operations often already have in place.

Plus, the cost savings of superior performance

But mainly, Greenkote is a cost-efficient metal coating because of the higher performance and longer life that Greenkote coatings deliver on the job. Greater corrosion protection, longer wear and elimination of hydrogen embrittlement all add up to longer service life…

All of this means that Greenkote-coated parts can be counted on for higher reliability, less frequent replacement, reduced service costs and a generally enhanced experience for the end user. Superior overall performance is the ultimate value in Greenkote coatings!

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